By Tim on Thursday, August 7th, 2014

IEDS - Mobile App

This was my first big project while interning for Zipline Interactive. I worked on the interface and the front end of this beautiful mobile tracking app made for IEDS. This was one of my first experiences with building a pixel perfect design from an Illustrator document in a production environment. I had done a few projects for classes before this, but that did not prepare me for what the real deal was.

Built with Bootstrap 2.3.2. I learned a ton of css on this project. As well as the extent of what Bootstrap is really capable of. As well as how to style forms. I never realized how much web design is styling forms until I did this project.

We build things to be interactive on the web, and forms are the most common form of interactivity you’ll find. I never went to school thinking oh yeah I get to style forms today. But in reality a lot of what we do as web designer / developers is style and work with forms.