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Tim Herbert

Front End Web Developer

I specialize in:


Responsive Design


Custom Code


Mobile Applications

My Work

Working Day and Night


Credit: Range Advertising
Verdis was looking for a web redesign of their old site and Range Advertising got it and contacted me to take their approved design and flesh it out and make it real.

Aerocet Manufacturing

Credit: Range Advertising
I was contracted to build out a provided design from Range Advertising for this project. I added custom functionality to this Wordpress child theme. Adding additional functionality to their clients page to allow for images instead of just css icons for the card flip. I also used critical thinking skills to make the slideshow on the landing page work the way they wanted as it didn't support the functionality they want so we ended up just using images designed and slide transitions to make it look like it was floating over the rest of the page.

SFCC Grad Show 2014

2015 AAF National Silver Award Winner
I had the honor of leading the team to develop this beauty of a Website / Web App.

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CSS / Sass



Adobe Software




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I specialize in
UI/UX Development, Wordpress Theme and Plugin Development, API Integration / Custom Applications, Basic SEO.

The decline of print has forced my evolution. Newspaper Manager turned Web Developer, I got my AAS in Graphic Design Spring 2014 and have been working as a Web Developer for about a year now.

I'm currently working as a Freelance Developer, but am always on the lookout for the right opportunity to be part of a bigger team.

My favorite frameworks include: Bootstrap / Wordpress / jQuery

Programming Languages include: HTML / CSS3 / Sass / JS / jQuery / PHP

If you took time to read this thank you for your time.



Tim Herbert


Phone: (509) 319-5140

Feel free to write or call to chat about your next web project or job opening. I love to talk about all things web related so don't hesitate.